Domestic brands will look to adopt the MYOB Greentree platform for its accounting capabilities, but they will be investing in a system that offers them so much more. This multi-faceted program empowers managers and owners to realise the potential of their business, providing a range of benefits that we will explore in more depth.

Client Configuration

Domestic brands will make the decision to gravitate to the MYOB Greentree platform when they understand how it can be configured to meet their unique circumstances. Especially for those enterprises who have specific customer demands, obscure connections to suppliers and fluctuating supply chain processes with various stakeholders, it pays to invest in a model that is adaptable to change. This will help those users that need to tap into an enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite that is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Create & Collaborative Format

One of the key reasons why the MYOB Greentree edition is considered such a success is because it is a suite that enjoys a collaborative approach from its consumer base. Every phase of the development has been made with the customer in mind, allowing it to adapt to unique circumstances and to offer clarity for those participants that need to be on the cutting edge of their industry.

Commercial Streamlining

The capacity for the Greentree edition to streamline commercial operations is another facet that points towards domestic brand integration. With employees being able to report on real time data as well as tapping into workflow monitors, there is a greater grasp of productivity and compliance across departments. This is a vital component for those enterprises that are looking to reduce their counts of human error.

Definitive Reporting Functions

Tracking, invoicing, scanning, automation and workflow management are all facets involved with the MYOB Greentree application, giving domestic businesses the chance to utilise definitive analysis capabilities. This is tangible value for those outlets that want to delve into insights that would previously be overlooked. When operators obtain this information, they are able to make gains with their decision-making processes.

Universal Application

Worker using a myob greentree in a laptop

The good news about adopting this form of the MYOB suite is that the standards and interface are consistent for all users on site. With over 80 integrated modules that have been part of the package, it is important to provide a user-friendly experience that doesn’t get consumed by the technical detail. Among the many reasons why domestic brands are making the switch, this universal approach is another key component that deserves greater appreciation.

Immediate User Notifications

Being able to access critical information is one component, but thanks to MYOB Greentree, participants are able to source immediate notifications that keep them up to speed on important updates. Whether it is client approvals, customer credit limits, issues with freight and processing to accounts, operators need to understand when a problem has been flagged to give them the maximum amount of time to respond.

Process Flow Designer Program

Local enterprises understand that they have to take a big picture view of their organisation to get the most out of their time and resources. This is what MYOB Greentree offers participants, empowering groups to engage a process flow designer program that helps them to map out roles and assess productivity through graphic representations.

There is a misconception that the MYOB Greentree platform is all about the finances. Of course this is a program that meets all of those accounting needs as well, but this is a suite that allows operators to track all of their essential data, to improve communication processes and to plan for the future without putting out fires caused by human error on a regular basis. Engage those peers who have already implemented this system to see a case study up close.