It is a very important event in a couple’s time, and it is one that you will want to remember for years to come. There’s no better way to relive these memories than through high-quality photographs. There are many wedding photographers in Melbourne, but what should you be doing before you go out looking to choose one? Choosing a wedding photographer in Melbourne is very important, as they are in charge of creating the visual memories of your big event, which you will look back at fondly with yourself, your wife and possibly even your kids. That being said, there are so many wedding photographers in Melbourne out there, and some with varying degrees of quality and characteristics to fit your specific situation.

Here are some things to look out for when choosing a good wedding photographer in Melbourne.

Choose your photography style

There are many wedding photographers in Melbourne, all with their own unique style of art. It is thereby important to look through one’s portfolio and past events in order to determine whether or not you like their style and choose one that fits what you are going for. Remember, these will be developed into an album, and this album’s theme must match what you are going for in order for the aesthetic to be pleasing to you and others who may view the album. Some styles include fine art, which involves the active creation of art whilst capturing the moments from your big event. Each moment has the potential to be transformed from an image into a piece of standalone art.

Another common style that is prevalent with wedding photographers in Melbourne is traditional, which focuses on the moments during the event and is more traditional in its style. A modern take on the images is to be expected, with the wedding photographer in Melbourne focusing on capturing details important to you.

Another style that is also prevalent with wedding photographers in Melbourne is moody and dark, which involves the editing of the images in order to give it film imagery look. This is an artistic perspective on the event, and involves darker, moodier colours. If you prefer brighter colours, this style may not be for you.

Thoroughly research their portfolio

wedding photographer's portfolio

To find their portfolio, google their name and ‘wedding photographer in Melbourne’. A good wedding photographer in Melbourne will have a vast portfolio containing different images from different events. It is very important to browse through these various portfolios in order to find one that fits your style and aesthetic that you have in your vision for the event. If you notice consistencies in their portfolio that resonate with your style, then keep them noted down. Secondly, you will want to look through their blog. The blog should be recently updated and also have a list of clients that they have worked with. You should be comparing the couples on the blog with yourself, and imagining yourself in that scenario. If you can see that your vision aligns with their portfolio and art style, then they may be the one for you.

Get in contact with them and ask for details

Once you have found at least 5 of them, you should get in contact with them to hash out important details. These details should include when they are available, what their latest pricing and packages are as well as if they can provide some references. This ensures that you know everything before choosing to hire.

In summary, choosing a good wedding photographer in Melbourne can be an arduous task, however, if done correctly and with organisation and focus, you will be able to find the one for your special day.