1. You are beautiful inside and out –

Women often grow up feeling inferior about themselves. Most women start feeling this way since a very age and are in constant requirement of someone’s validation. For this reason, it is critical to ensure you always let your daughter know she is beautiful so that she grows up confident about herself. Hearing it from her father only makes it all the more special, and this reinforces her belief that she is beautiful inside out.


  1. I love you –

Your daughter is much more craving for attention and appreciation than your son ever will be. So it is essential to take time off to tell her this short yet most significant line in the world, “I love you.” This not just makes her feel loved and happy, it also shows her how much she means to you.


  1. I believe in you and your abilities –

Owing to their need for validation in every situation, girls always perform better when their talent and skills are validated. Her father telling her that he believes in her ability to achieve is a wonderful feeling, and every time she sets a goal she will be reminded of what you said to her, and this will further motivate her to go and break the glass ceiling.


  1. I’m incredibly lucky to be your father –

It is common to receive a card or a gift from your child that states they love you and are fortunate to have you. However, it is rare that parents ever say that to their children. Especially father, as they are not very fond of expressing how they truly feel. Regardless, it is extremely important that you let your daughter know how lucky you are to have her as your daughter and how she has turned your whole world around. Telling her this will make her feel special and she will ensure she makes you a prouder father than you already are.


  1. Is there something on your mind that you want to talk about? –

Very often, the most fundamental ingredient of any relationship, that is, communication is severely neglected. Getting into the headspace of your child/children is extremely important to understand their psyche and why they act the way they do or what is bothering them. Daughters especially are more prone to needing someone to lend their ears.  It is, therefore, an excellent idea to take some time off to sit with her and have a good chat to get to know what is happening in her life and understand what you can do to help in case of any issues she faces. This will only help bring you closer to her.