No matter the type of company or the size, link building is and will always be difficult. If you have a well known and sizeable website/ business then link building is slightly easier because other websites already know about your website and could link to it without you even having to ask.

If you have a small business, you aren’t so lucky. Most other websites probably don’t even know your website exists and therefore in order to gain backlinks for your website, you’ll have to reach out to other sites. This can make the process of link building a long process.

While link building can be annoying and a lengthy process, it is still something that is very important to do for your website as it is known to be one of Google’s main ranking signals. When Google sees that your website has a lot of links points to it, it sends the message that a lot of sites like yours, its kind of like peer reviews.

There is no way getting around it, you’ll need link building for your small business and even though it’s hard, you still need a plan for your SEO in Sydney. So have a look below at some of the ways you can perform link building for your small business:


1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is a great way to ensure you can get your business name out there. This is a mutually beneficial link building tactic, you aren’t just asking for another website to put your link on it, you are actually providing something in return for that link.

Be aware though, guest blogging does take a lot of effort and you will really need to commit, you can’t just do a half job because no other website will probably accept a sub-par article to put on their website.

As well as this, you will need to find site that accept this type of articles and that would also be in the niche/ industry that you are in. This is because Google looks at relevancy and quality of the links to your site. So if you are a mechanic website and you have a link to a cupcake website, this would raise some red flags.

The great thing about guest blogging is that it provides a lot more then just the link itself. If you are able to strike up an ongoing relationship with another site, you could have regular postings. This could mean a regular new steam of traffic coming to your website.


2. Mentions Without Link

Sometimes a website will mention your business but won’t link to it. So you should always be on the look out for such mentions and try to get it turned into a link. This is one of the easiest link building tactics because you know the other website already knows who you are – all you have to do is convince them to link.

The best way to keep track of any unlinked mentions is to see up a Google Alert for your business name. That way any mentions of your brand will be picked up by Google and send straight into your inbox.

When a business mentions your brand but doesn’t link, you are already half way there, which is why this tactic is one of the easiest. But before you reach out for a link, make sure you actually read what they are saying about you. If it is in a negative light then obviously do not ask for a link!


3. Promote Content

You probably already have a lot of blogs and content on your website (if not, then you certainly should), so you should go out and spread that content far and wide. You should always look to share your content on the typical social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, but there are other great places you can share.

Places like Medium and LinkedIn are also great places to share content, if you think your target audience uses these platforms. As well as this, online message boards included Slideshare and Quora can be another great place to share.


4. Support Local Community

If you are a small business then a great place to start is by support the local community. There will always be a lot of charities and other non-profit organisations that are looking for support. Your sponsorship will probably result in a link back to your site, as well as the positive association that comes with it.

Try and give sponsorship that suits in well with your brand. So for example, if you operate a bakery, look to support a feeding the homeless cause, or similar. When supporting a worthy cause you want to look genuine and this is the way to do it. It will obviously required monetary input from you, but it can certainly be worth it.