Most Newcastle self storage facilities ensure that they keep a very clean environment. Entry areas, parking spaces, and hallways are often kept very clean and sanitised to keep bugs, vermin, and other pests at bay for the benefits of their clientele who want to keep their belongings safe but facility managers have little control over the cleanliness or the inside of your Newcastle self storage unit which is why it’s important that you perform semi-regular spring cleans.

Keeping your Newcastle self storage unit clean and organised will help to protect your items and ensure that you can find your possessions when you need them. Keeping the space tidy starts from the moment you move your belongings in and regular maintenance will help to protect it from getting over-filled, messy, and unhygienic. Check out our tips below for keeping your Newcastle self-storage unit clean.

Get prepared to clean

The first thing you should do before cleaning, especially if you know your unit is overfilled or if you haven’t visited in a long time, is get prepared. Cleaning can easily overwhelm, especially if you’re looking at a mountain of your own possessions. All the clutter and dust can seem like too much to handle but it’s much easier if you first devise a plan. Start doing this by looking at what you have in your Newcastle self storage unit and think about how much time you’ll likely need to clean it out. Give yourself a realistic time frame, it doesn’t all need to be done in an hour. Once you’ve thought about what needs to be done, ask for help. A partner, friend or family member could make the job go by much faster and will make it a more enjoyable experience. If the items in your unit are of a personal or sentimental nature than allow yourself more time than you might otherwise, sometimes cleaning can be an emotional and difficult process so give yourself time to work through it.

Make an inventory

A great way to make the process of organising and cleaning easier and simpler in the future is to make an inventory of everything in your Newcastle self storage unit. If you have boxes of things write the inventory on the side of the box or keep note of everything on a notepad, this will help you know what you have on hand in the future and also help you to decide on any items that you may want to get rid of. If you’re working in a tight space then start by clearing out a corner in your unit and working through your items bit by bit.

Make a keep, get rid of, donate or sell pile

If you’re trying to organise and clean out your storage unit then you should begin by making piles of all your items. First start by determining what items you’d like to keep – are the items in this pile functional, or do they make you happy? Then you should sort through the items in your unit that should be thrown away – these will usually be broken or unusable items. Next you should try and work out what you want to sell or give away to others, and what can be donated.

Start reorganising

Once you’ve worked your way through all your items it’s a good idea to carefully plan out how you organise them. Consider adding plastic boxes or storage solutions as this will help to better protect your belongings. You’ll also want to go through all your belongings and dust them, wipe them or otherwise santise them.