1. “I create my life” is the rich people motto –

Rich people are in perfect control of their lives. They are well aware of the fact that they are solely responsible for creating their own life and every everything in their life is out of choice and not circumstance.


  1. Think big –

Rich people always dream things king size. The rich never step back from dreaming big and working towards turning those dreams into reality. Their philosophy has always been dream big and achieve big.


  1. Always watching out for opportunities –

It is this trait that got them rich in the first place. Rich people are extraordinarily ambitious, and this continually keeps them on their toes. They are always looking for newer and more profitable opportunities. Additionally, rich people look at obstacles as challenges and not problems.



  1. The rich only associate themselves with successful and positive people – 

The reason is not just to ensure there is no negativity seeping into their lives but also because rich people like making powerful connections and also learning from the experiences of other successful individuals.


  1. The rich promote themselves and their values –

The world of a millionaire is that of connection and networking. Every high-profile individual in this world is extremely well connected. The reason behind this is that these people are ready to promote themselves to anyone who cares to listen as a means of capitalizing on the opportunity.


  1. The rich are larger than their problems –

Things don’t always go the way we want it to. Everyone has problems, each one different from the other. The rich however is different regarding how they respond to these problems. They do not run away or look for another coward’s way out. They deal with their issues head-on.


  1. It’s always both and not either

These are the type of people who want it all in life. They can never settle for less. The best of both worlds is a phrase that perfectly describes these individuals. This can only be achieved through cooperation and outside the box thinking. The rich always find a way to get both and never compromise.


  1. Good Financial Management skills –

Rich people manage their finances very well. Although many of them appoint experts to do the job, they too have sufficient knowledge on the subject matter.



  1. Act despite fear –

Just like any average person, the rich too have fears. What matters is how they deal with it and if or not they let these fears influence their actions. Rich people never let their fears keep them away from doing what they have to in order to achieve their goals.


  1. Learning and Growth is Vital –

To both become rich and stay rich, knowledge and growth as an individual is critical.  You have to keep working on gaining knowledge from all possible sources regularly. Read, look up the internet, meet and speak to influential, etc. However, real growth only comes from having applied these learning in real life.