1. I make more money than you –

No one likes to being compared to someone else. In addition to that being made to feel inferior to that person just makes it a whole lot worse. Saying something like this to your spouse can land you in an argument that is going to last many days or sometimes even months. Over a period of time, your taunt will lead to your partner becoming jealous of your excess pay, and this may end up causing trouble in the family.


  1. It is all your fault –

Whatever the issue is, it is not fair for either of you to entirely shoulder the responsibility of the problem. In most cases, it is always a 50-50 part, and this means that both partners are equally responsible for want went wrong and should try and sort things out instead of blaming the blame game.



  1. I hate you –

Although we almost never mean it when we tell someone we hate them when we are angry, words can be incredibly impactful, and sometimes it forms an impression of a lifetime on some people. If there is something, you don’t like about each other always let the other person know the truth so that they know what is expected of them. Still be careful about what you say when you are angry because anger is often capable of clouding one’s judgment. So ensure you never say anything you will later regret to anybody.


  1. Silence –

From amongst all the things as mentioned above, keeping silent when angry or upset is the worst thing to do as it will not only eat you up from the inside but also puzzle and distance the other person. In addition to that, it is incredibly immature. It is essential to understand that it is essential to communicate how we feel about every other issue that takes place in our lives. So never try and keep someone you are angry with away from your life for too long as this will either end in a sour relationship or will create distances or gaps in the existing one.


  1. Suggest Divorce –

Being a part of a heated argument can be very trying. But make sure you do not take serious and need to be thought out decisions in a hurry and the heat of the moment. Ensure you are aware of what you are saying and keep in mind the consequences. Suggesting a divorce when you are fighting is a terrible idea as this most often actually end up in one. Separation is not always the best and quickest way to solve a problem. Doing this will definitely make you regret everything you said to hurt not just your spouse but yourself as well.