One of the worst things about being sick is having to get out of your pajamas to get a note from your doctor to show to your boss. In many workplaces, sick notes are mandatory but there’s nothing worse than having to wake up when you’re ill, make an appointment with a doctor and wait in the waiting room whilst feeling unwell. It’s also not the best use of your time when you should be home resting and often it’s not even possible to get a same day appointment with your doctor. Luckily, it’s no longer a requirement to make an appointment with you GP, now you get a medical certificate online from the comfort of your own home. This service is useful for everyone from university students to retirees for common illnesses or complaints such as cold and flu symptoms, menstrual issues or other mild illnesses that don’t require immediate attention from a doctor.

How does it work?

There are new services for getting a medical certificate online popping up all the time. These websites allow patients to consult with a doctor via video conference, after which a doctor can email them a sick note.  The process usually involved booking an appointment on an online platform. Most providers require the payment of a one-off fee, you’ll then do a video consultation with a general practitioner before being provided with a medical certificate for leave.

Common issues discussed during consultations to get a medical certificate online include the common cold, viruses, period pain, headaches, back pain and migraine. These services are fantastic as they save patients time and money and also alleviate the burden on the medical industry, reducing costs for the government from Medicare.

The process can seem a bit strange at first if you’re new to online consultations, but all doctors are certified and the process is safe, convenient and affordable. Best of all, it can happen on your schedule. Save yourself time and energy by receiving your medical certificate online and keep others healthy by avoiding spreading colds, flu or viruses.

How much does it cost?

Getting medical certificates online is surprisingly affordable, many providers keep fees low as there is no office to attend. Some providers even bulk bill, meaning no cost for you on the day. Getting a sick note through video consultation is often much more affordable than visiting your GP in person and can also save you a lot of time.

Are there any issues with it?

Whilst it might be assumed that more people will fake sick if they think they can get a medical certificate online easily, most virtual doctor consultants say that the vast majority of people do not try and take advantage and are reliable and trustworthy. Some employers may worry that their staff will try to use the service to get extra days off work, believing that doctors will not be able to properly conclude if someone is genuinely sick without having any physical contact with the person but it’s often the case that for minor ailments the service is fine. Employers are entitled to require absent employees to provide evidence of illness or injuries under the Fair Work act but the act states that it must be evidence that would satisfy a reasonable person.

It’s also possible to get a medical certificate through a pharmacist, although their consults are also intended for minor ailments and should not be used for more serious medical issues. If you think your illness or injury is not minor you should consult with a doctor in person.